Student-Oriented Hackathon Preparation

Who are We?

A student run organization that encourages coding literacy in youth.

We strive to provide a unique programming education for middle and high schoolers through workshops and online coding courses made specifically for a younger audience.

Sponsors / Hosts


Minecraft Coding Camp

A unique introduction into programming: robots, zombies, and Minecraft


The mod ComputerCraft allows students to program in Minecraft; this educational model provides immediate, meaningful, and engaging feedback that gives students a meaningful measure of their programming skill.


We offer 2 day workshops in partnership with Bay Area school districts and companies that provide Lua instruction through in-game projects.


ComputerCraft allows students to see the immediate effects of their software through the behaviors of in-game robots: they'll watch their creations strip-mine, deforest, and defend the virtual worlds of Minecraft.

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The Bridge Program is designed to inspire more students to follow STEM by organizing trips to tech companies like Github and Lumos Labs. From contacting local start ups to providing experienced volunteers, Bridge assists schools in creating easy, rewarding field trip experiences that expose students to the day-to-day life of work in the tech industry.

Experience Tech Culture

Bridge provides students with plenty of opportunities to experience the dynamic team-based offices of tech companies. Interviews, job shadowing, and in-person tours will ensure satisfactory illumination into the environments that have made tech companies so successful.


YCPC will get districts in touch with tech start ups; during the trip itself, YCPC will provision experienced volunteers to ensure satisfactory service.

Exclusive Access

The Bridge program provides a unique opportunity for a look behind the scenes of the world's most innovative technology companies.

Meet Real Developers

Students will experience a typical day for professionals in the field through guided tours, job shadowing, and Q&A sessions.


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Our courses offer an accelerated coding education complete with lectures, tests, and projects.

Video Lectures:

Short and punctual, video lectures cover the material of a college course with a total runtime of less than 3 hours.


Students are able to extend their understanding and creativity by crafting practical applications for the concepts learned in video lectures.

Easy to Follow:

Filled with easter eggs and integrated break times, our courses are created to retain attention and focus.

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